Playground Expectations

Manchester Elementary Playground Expectations



- I will keep trying by practicing a Growth Mindset


- I will practice Empathy, Honesty and Teamwork


-I will practice Leadership and Determination

         Readiness to Learn

-I will use Organization and a Proactive attitude


Manchester Elementary Expectations:

  • Demonstrate respect for self and others
  • Demonstrate respect for all school and personal property
  • Follow requests of all school staff members
  • Follow safety rules at all times
  • Not engage in actions that harm others


I will be respectful to self and others:

  • I will settle differences peacefully; I will try solving my problem first using Second Step strategies, if that does not work, I will ask a peer mediator or an adult for help.
  • If I play with a ball, I will practice responsibility and return the ball to the ball basket.
  • I will use appropriate and respectful words when speaking with others.

I will follow safety rules:

  • I will ask for permission before I leave the playground for any reason so I will be safe.
  • I will wear only closed-toe shoes to protect my feet.
  • I will not “play-fight” or become physical with anyone because someone may get hurt.
  • I will walk to and from recess.
  • I will run only on the large soccer field so it will not hurt if I fall.
  • I will not have food, gum or candy on the playground because I could choke. I may eat popcorn on Fridays!
  • I will stay warm and dry in bad weather so I will be comfortable and can learn in class.

I will use all playground equipment and playground as intended because it is safe and respectful:

  • I will use only hands when playing with balls on the upper field and blacktop. I may use my feet to kick a ball on the soccer field.
  • I will use the ladder on the slide when going up and sit facing forward when I go down the slide.
  • I do not want to hurt anyone, so I will leave all rocks, sticks and other objects on the ground. 
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