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Student Behavior

Manchester Elementary believes in preparing students for their future by providing a safe and rigorous learning environment. In order to achieve this goal, an effective behavior plan must be in place. The goal of our behavior plan is to provide clear expectations and teach students appropriate, effective social and emotional responses to various situations. We believe that if these strategies are used effectively in a partnership between home and school, behavior will not be a barrier for academic achievement. 

At Manchester Elementary, we believe in PRRR.

Practice - I will keep trying by practicing a Growth Mindset

Respect - I will practice Empathy, Honesty and Teamwork

Responsibility - I will practice Leadership and Determination

Readiness to Learn - I will develop Organization and a Proactive attitude

Manchester Elementary Expectations:

  • Demonstrate respect for self and others
  • Demonstrate respect for all school and personal property
  • Follow requests of all school staff members
  • Follow safety rules at all times
  • Not engage in actions that harm others

Students are expected to follow all expectations of Manchester Elementary. If a student makes a choice to break the expectations, the process is as follows:

  1. Teacher/Staff member will provide a cue (verbal or nonverbal) to the student that the chosen behavior is unacceptable. Cues provide the student the opportunity to self-correct and “make it right.”
  2. If student does not self-correct staff member will discuss the issue with the student providing alternate choices that would prove more effective (Second Step problem solving strategies).
  3. If student does not self-correct he or she will be asked to complete a reflection on why he or she is making the behavior choice in an alternate, designated area. The student may return to class when the reflection is completed in a neat and authentic manner (expectation will be taught) and the student is ready to follow classroom expectations. Reflection activities ask the student to determine the problem, determine a more effective choice and “make it right” actions (apology). Minor consequences may be employed during this time (restorative conference/instruction during recess). 
  4. If the problem persists, the teacher will call or email home. A formal behavior referral may occur at this stage.
  5. If problem continues, the student is referred to Mrs. Byrd and action is determined based on all investigation and discussion pertaining to the problem/incident. Parents will be called or emailed by Mrs. Byrd (or designee) and all paperwork will be completed based on district/state protocol, including a formal referral and entry of the behavior/incident into Skyward. A family conference may be requested by administration and a plan developed to ensure the physical and emotional safety of all students.
  6. For physical or intimidation offenses, immediate action will be taken by administration. Each involved family will receive a phone call as soon as possible. A formal referral will be made and entry of the incident into Skyward will occur. Mrs. Byrd (or designee) may schedule a meeting with student(s) and family.

Playground Expectations

I will be respectful to self and others:

  • I will settle differences peacefully; I will try solving my problem first using Second Step strategies, if that does not work, I will ask a peer mediator or an adult for help.
  • If I play with a ball, I will practice responsibility and return the ball to the ball basket.
  • I will use appropriate and respectful words when speaking with others.

I will follow safety rules:

  • I will ask for permission before I leave the playground for any reason so I will be safe.
  • I will wear only closed-toe shoes to protect my feet.
  • I will not “play-fight” or become physical with anyone because someone may get hurt.
  • I will walk to and from recess.
  • I will run only on the large soccer field so it will not hurt if I fall.
  • I will not have food, gum or candy on the playground because I could choke. I may eat popcorn on Fridays!
  • I will stay warm and dry in bad weather so I will be comfortable and can learn in class.

I will use all playground equipment and playground as intended because it is safe and respectful:

  • I will use only hands when playing with balls on the upper field and blacktop. I may use my feet to kick a ball on the soccer field.
  • I will use the ladder on the slide when going up and sit facing forward when I go down the slide.
  • I do not want to hurt anyone, so I will leave all rocks, sticks and other objects on the ground.